Should You Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?

When it comes time to sell, many homeowners wonder, “Should I employ a full-service real house agent to help me personally sell my home? inch Although I am not a qualified agent, We get asked this question often. My answer might surprise you.

I want to start by saying that there is no simple answer. It will depend on the real estate market. It depends on what you feel are your capabilities. It depends on whether you have the time to manage the process. It is determined by how quickly you will need to sell… or whether you have to get it sold at all. One can even have a look at theĀ spanish style homes for sale in florida while hiring the services of real estate agent.

And in this hard housing business, many homeowners are spending money on home remodeling or updating, then trying to reduce expenses by using cut-rate agents or record the home themselves, Regarding Sale By Owner (FSBO). But is this effective?

Well, can you write marketing copy, create and place ads, enter the local Multiple Listing Support (MLS), take flattering digital pictures, arrange for a video “Virtual Tour, ” maintain open houses, produce professional flyers, negotiate a package, and handle a comprehensive sales contract?

Although there are businesses offering FSBO services that will help quite somewhat with these things, there is sometimes a perceived stigma in a buyer’s eye, particularly with higher priced homes. And then there is the very real legal responsibility issue of legal disclosures. In my experience, even the most skilled and reputable agents sometimes can be somewhat lackadaisical about disclosures, since very rarely will a buyer try to come back after the seller for a state. But it does happen… so make certain to over-disclose. Also, it is essential that you get listed in your local MLS, but a FSBO can usually do this through a flat-fee MLS list service

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