Safe & Effective Pregnancy Massage

Rubbing a woman from thirteen weeks onwards during the woman pregnancy is a fantastic way to keep a mum-to-be relaxed and comfy as her growing body accommodates the new weight. The particular main benefits associated with regular safe and effective massage boca raton fl are:

Relief of pain

Improved circulation for mommy and baby

Improved defense mechanisms for mother and child

Better sleep

A more relaxed attitude towards offering birth, and so better labor and birth outcomes

Better bonding between mother and baby

Increased chances of carry the infant to full-term

A more healthy and calmer baby of good weight

Improved skin disorder

Relief of headaches and possibly nausea

Extras you will need:

A good, steady, thicker pillow for the lower leg plus a towel to cover

A thin cushioning or towel for under the belly

An two towels or sheets for draping

A pillow to hold on to


A pregnant woman should NEVER lie on her stomach. This is partially for insurance reasons, but in addition because the weight of the uterus will pull the ligaments on the mothers’ sacrum (lower back) and cause back soreness (not what we’re trying to do! )

Usually do not massage any woman who will be less than 12 weeks pregnant due to the increase risk of losing the unborn baby. This is through absolutely nothing you would have done, but for insurance reasons stay safe. A woman who has lost her child following a massage is more likely to imply and sue you and cause bad relations than someone who had a aching muscle from a strong massage.

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